Home Health Care

At THE EXCEL HOME HEALTH CARE, we provide a wide range of health and social services that can be given in the home. Read More

Med Travel

THE EXCEL MED TRAVEL is a complete package design for people seeking to travel for medical treatment in another country. Read More

Licensing Facilitator

THE EXCEL HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL LICENSING FACILITATOR is aimed at helping health care professional practice abroad. Read More

School Health Scheme

At THE EXCEL SCHOOL HEALTH SCHEME, our nurses offer quality Health care for school aged children in their various schools. Read More

Travel & Tours

At THE EXCEL TRAVEL & TOURS, we assist interested individuals in the procurement of visas to countries of their choices. Read More

Edu Consult

At THE EXCEL EDU CONSULT, we provide comprehensive tutorials to help you achieve your dream of studying Nursing at any level. Read More

Medical Supplies & Stores

At THE EXCEL MEDICAL SUPPLIES & BOOK STORES, we render free delivery of Medical supplies to various establishments who need them.
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The Excel Recruitment

At THE EXCEL RECRUITMENT, We specialize in permanent, locum, part-time recruitment of medical staff, Executive Staff, and many other more.
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Caregivers Training

THE EXCEL CAREGIVER TRAINING COURSE provides a relaxed and friendly environment for you to make friends and also study.
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Felix O. Bomide - CEO / Chairman
Olanike J. Fabule
Olanike J. Fabule - Executive Director
Abiodun Joseph
Abiodun Joseph - General Manager

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My mum has been having some heath challenges which I have sought after getting a Nurse to cater for her; on hearing about THE EXCEL NURSING AGENYCY, I quickly contacted them knowing that my challenge of getting a Nurse for my mum has been solved. Since when they have started caring for my mum, a lot of improvement has taken place in her and she commends positively about the Nurses who care for her. She is no longer lonely and I am happy I met this Agency.

Mrs P. Ogunsola - Benin City, Edo StateThe Jackson Family

I was directed to this Agency by the General Manager of the Hospital I was receiving health care in Benin- city. On contacting them, their Executive Director came to me and spoke with me politely promising to render me superb Wound care for my Hip replacement surgery I had. I was really surprised at the dexterous skills shown by the Director and which I nicknamed him “My Healing Angel”. He would always smile with me, very simple and highly knowledgeable.

Mrs. A. IyenomaThe Jackson Family

On my discharge from my Hospital where I was receiving orthopedics care, I had issues of getting qualified Nurses who will help dress my wound. Someone recommended THE EXCEL NURSING AGENCY to me; I contacted them and they agreed on offering me quality wound care. In two (2) weeks, my wound was completely healed. They gave concise and simple measures to aid the wound healing and showed expertise skills when dressing my wound. They are indeed a blessing.

Mr. Emma - Kwale, Delta StateThe Jackson Family