With increasing life expectancy from better medical care coupled with continuous low fertility, the percentage of the elderly population in most developed and developing countries is steadily increasing. This burgeoning elder population has begun to present its own set of problems and challenges hence the need to provide quality lifestyle benefits for the elderly.

Home healthcare is fast becoming an established and preferred solution increasingly accepted in most countries especially those with a growing elderly population. Given the choice, most seniors prefer to live out their twilight years for as long as they can in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. They would opt any time to live in their own homes with home care assistance in preference to an assisted living facility which comes with its own set of challenges.

Today with home care being readily available, an elderly no longer has to move to a nursing home or convalescent centres or even Hospitals when some facets of independent living becomes beyond them. For the elderly who prefer to remain in their own homes, home care becomes a suitable option. There are different types of home care assistance available which cover a range of services from medication management, nursing care to basic assistance with daily living.

While in many families caregivers come from within the family, this might not always be a practical solution. Caregiving is a stressful exercise often beyond the capacity of a family member. Certain types of caregiving might also require specialized training. Because of the unexpected increase in the elderly population, millions of adults now find themselves in a position where they are forced to care for parents and older relatives. This presents a challenge because it is often a difficult choice to strike a balance between caring for an older loved one and taking care of one’s own needs. This situation has created a mounting need for specialized home care services which include specialized nurses, trained Executive Care Aides, Specialized Carers

Here are 5 benefits of elder home care services:
1. Saves precious time
Home care services are time consuming. Frequently it becomes difficult for the caregiver to be able to juggle the time needed. Home care assistance becomes a necessity which enables a family caregiver to spare more time on priorities rather than routine tasks which can be done by a home care specialist trained for that specific job.

2. Professional assistance
Home caregivers are far better able to handle many routine and critical situations because they have the necessary experience and training.

3. Social interaction
However close the caregiver is to the loved one there is a limit to the amount of socialization and communication with each other. Having someone from outside has its own advantages. It allows the elderly to interact and stay communicated with someone else. Even basic companion care works wonders for their emotional well-being.

4. Companionship
Seniors who live alone often experience social isolation and feelings of loneliness which can lead to a decline in health. A caregiver provides your loved one with a familiar face, friendly conversation, and a meaningful human connection, all of which can have a big impact on overall health and well-being.
Family Involvement – Home care enables your family to be a larger part of your loved ones care plan. With a good home care agency, you will have a direct line of communication with your loved one’s caregiver and a care manager will provide you with frequent updates regarding care.

5. Quality of life
With the help of a caregiver an older adult is able to improve their quality of life. Help is immediately available so there’s no need to struggle with chores in the home. Caregivers are trained to anticipate the needs of the elder in their charge and are ever willing to do what it takes to make life simpler. And you can choose the level of care according to the need – from just a few hours a day to round-the-clock companionship and assistance.

6. Faster Recovery
Quality Research shows that patients recover from surgery and illness faster and more successfully in the comfort of their own home. They also have a decreased risk of developing infection from exposure to germs in a medical facility and have fewer hospital readmissions.

7. one-on-one Attention
The personal nature of home care allows your loved one to be the primary focus of the caregiver. Their job is to provide a level of attention and care that ensures your loved one is safe and comfortable. Because an in-home caregiver is usually tending to a single client, their needs are met much faster than in a residential facility.

8. Cost Effectiveness
Home care rates are charged by the hour, so there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to out-of-pocket expense. and there is usually a discounted rate for 24-hour live-in care. For individuals that need assistance on a part-time basis, the cost of home care can be significantly lower than a residential nursing facility

9. Peace of mind
You won’t have to worry about your loved one being alone and falling or getting injured while performing daily activities such as showering and using the stove. Instead, you will be able to rest easy knowing they are being well cared for.

10. Independence – Loss of independence is a big concern for seniors who are considering care options. A huge advantage of home care is that your loved one is able to keep control over many aspects of their daily life. They get to continue living by their own schedule, choosing when they want to eat, sleep, and socialize. For seniors who no longer drive, a caregiver can help them get to social activities and run errands supporting their ability to live independently.

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Felix Bomide

Felix is an Ophthalmic Nurse Practitioner with a wide range of experience in Home Health care (geriatrics and pediatrics nursing). He is an astute, friendly, passionate and intelligent youth who is blazing the trail in driving quality Home Health Care for our Aged and all class of individuals in Nigeria. He is nick named by friends as "dee unstoppable".