Our Service Principles

THE EXCEL HOME HEALTH CARE is committed to providing a high standard of services guided by our 5 important principles known as: CARES

C - Communication
A - Adaptability
R - Reliability
E - Empathy
S - Safety

These principles are designed to guide our care givers to make their decision with flexibility while ensuring safety, health and wellbeing of both client and caregivers.

Our Guarantee and Values

At THE EXCEL MED TRAVEL, our clients are our top priority. We guarantee the following to make our client experience as positive as possible:

Promptness: We guarantee prompt communication and services before, during and after your stay in UAE and India.
Courtesy: We guarantee a courteous attitude throughout all of our service to you. We will treat you with the most utmost respect and kindness, understanding that “a smile goes a long way”.
Service: We guarantee round the clock service while you are in UAE and India. Any time that a need arises, day or night, we will be by your side to assist you.
Quality: We guarantee to optimize our network to seek out the best Doctors and Hospitals for your specific needs.
Affordability: we guarantee to tailor your medical tourism plan specifically to your financial needs, finding the best deals for the best experience.
Our values include: Trust, Transparency, Safety & Compassion.

Home Health Care

At The Excel Home Health Care, we provide a wide range of health and social services that can be given in the home. Read More

School Health Scheme

At The Excel School Health Scheme, our nurses offer quality Health care for school aged children in their various schools. Read More

Med Travel

The Excel Med Travel service is a complete package design for people seeking to travel for medical treatment in another country. Read More

Travel & Tours

At The Excel Travel & Tours, we assist interested individuals in the procurement of visas to countries of their choices. Read More

Licensing Facilitator

The Excel Health Care Professional Licensing Facilitator is aimed at helping health care professional practice abroad. Read More

Edu Consult

At The Excel Edu Consult, we provide comprehensive tutorials to help you achieve your dream of studying Nursing at any level. Read More

Medical Supplies

At The Excel Medical Supplies & Book Stores, we render free delivery of Medical supplies to various establishments who need them.
Read More

The Excel Recruitment

At THE EXCEL RECRUITMENT, We specialize in permanent, locum, part-time recruitment of medical staff, Executive Staff, and many other more.
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Caregivers Training

THE EXCEL CAREGIVER TRAINING COURSE provides a relaxed and friendly environment for you to make friends and also study.
Read More

Are you a fully insured and registered business?

Yes we are fully registered with the Corporate Affiairs Commission (CAC).

What areas of the Nigeria do you cover?

Although we are based in Lagos, we provide service throughout the country and beyond.

Home Health Care Our Main Service
Medical Travel ServicesCovering Nigeria
Our StaffOur Strength
Our PartnersAre Reliable