THE EXCEL Mission & Vision

Our Mission

  • To provide quality individualized and holistic home care that gives joy, comfort and happiness even at the end of life.
  • To ensure your Medical Tourism needs are adequately met and make you feel at home in UAE and India.
  • Introduce you to the latest trends in the field of medicine and Nursing offered by Our tourist Hospitals in UAE and India.
  • To provide 100% guarantee and easiest way to pass your international Nursing exams (such as DHA Prometric exam, CGFNS, NCLEX-RN).
  • To provide 100% assistance (via educational consults in forms of comprehensive tutorials and many more) with our master-class tutors to help you achieve your dream of studying Nursing at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels (either at any of accredited Universities or School of Nursing studying Nursing in Nigeria).
  • To provide 100% assistance in ensuring you get PROFESSIONAL LICENSE needed for you to practice in your Profession as Health Care Professionals in your Home Countries to countries like UAE, QATAR, IRELAND and many more.
  • To ensure prompt delivery of your medical supplies of books and equipment.
  • To assist in provision of Visas (of any kind) for interested individuals to countries abroad.

Our Vision

To be the most responding frontier to quality health care (home care and management), assisting families and individuals live well and ensuring that dignity is maintained even at the end of life and mediating the gap that generates TOTAL AND WHOLISTIC Health Care to all Individuals irrespective of their background.

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