Few Words about the DHA Prometric Exam

The DHA (Dubai Health Authority) Prometric exam is a 2hourd multiple-choice question with ONE BEST ANSWER. It consists of 70 questions and you are expected to score AT LEAST 60% (42 questions). Results are usually released within 5 working days.

After passing the prometric exam, you will be issued ELIGIBILITY LETTER. Your eligibility letter is only valid for one (1) year from the date of passing your exam.

Note that you have just 3 attempts to pass this exam else you will have to show evidence of further studies before you will be allowed to retake it for the fourth time.


After getting a job, you will have to proceed to the final stage to obtain your license, work and residence permit. Below are the next steps:

  1. A written job offer or employment contract: make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions of job contract. Ensure that it is stamped and signed or on official letter headed paper of the Hospital or Health care facility. The Hospital or health care facility that employed you will begin the process of applying for your employment visa as they will serve as your sponsor.
  2. Your sponsor: the Hospital or health care facility employing you will serve as your sponsor. Once the necessary documents have been submitted by your employer, you will be contacted by the United Arab Emirate Immigration Department to confirm that your information has been received by your Sponsor.
  3. Your Health Card: you will have to undergo a medical examination before this card can be issued. You will be tested for HIV, Hepatitis A, B, and C and Tuberculosis and many more as deemed fit. These tests are conducted in designated Hospitals in UAE after which you go to the Department of Health and Medical Services with the result and two passport sized photos and two photocopies of your international passport for the issuance of the Health Card.
  4. Labour card: you cannot work in UAE without a labour card. To get your labour card, go to the Ministry of Labour office with a passport-sized photo, three (3) copies of your employment contract, photocopies of your entry visa, health card and a copy of your employer’s labour license which can be gotten from your employer.
  5. Obtaining your residence visa: after completing the four( 4) steps above, then proceed to the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs with the following documents:
    • Original passport
    • Original Health Card
    • Original entry permit
    • 2 passport-sized photo
    • Photocopy of your labour card or labour card processing receipts.

If you have any question at any stage, don’t hesitate to ask your employer.

Please note: we are not an agent or working for any of the health authorities of the countries you wish to procure their license. We are here to share information and guide you through the processing (as deemed fit and on request by prospective client) to help achieve your goal of practicing abroad.

All registration and licensing are done by the health authorities of the respective companies.
Each country has their own licensing steps, feel free to contact us for the steps.

For any individual who cannot in any form complete their registration on the Health Authorities website for different countries of your choice, and request our assistance to do so, we can help such individual, but all the official charges and other cost of running the processes for you must be paid by you.

All applications are done on the Authorities official website of each country.
We have just shared basic information about Licensing in UAE. We will share other information about other countries on request (and if deemed fit by Us).

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