The Excel Caregivers Training

Starting the journey of being a caregiver, whether you are working professionally or supporting your loved one who needs care, is a journey that comes with a lot of unknown.

You ask yourself questions like, “How will I know what to do?

What if I make a mistake and it makes them worse? What do I say to them?” While the notion of being someone’s caregiver may be daunting, it doesn’t have to be! At its core, being a caregiver is to show compassion, understanding, and kindness from your heart for someone who has a need you can meet. If you start from this place, with education and support, you can surely be successful.

One of the hardest parts about caring for someone, especially someone with dementia, can be communication.

Have you ever had a strong passion to care for elderly with Individual disabilities?

Do you think you can develop a career that satisfies your passion to care for the seniors holistically?

All these questions can be answered when you decide to gain tangible Professional Training on becoming a Caregiver.

Why choose Us?

  1. We are a recognized training and Consultancy Service Provider by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.
  2. Our Facilitators are well trained, certified, skilled Professionals with strong flair for our students success.
  3. We have flexible hours and Schedules.
  4. Our classes are structured all year round.
  5. We provide 100% free safety training such as First Aid, Basic Life Support, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation plus our Caregivers’ Training for you.
  6. You are guaranteed of career assistance after our training.
  7. This is a growing Profession where you can build your stake and be fulfilled.
  8. Our training courses are quite affordable.
  9. We provide various materials to aid your success.

Our Various Training Courses

Sampling of Course Subjects available through our Program include:

Alzheimer’s Memory Loss and Aging: This course describes the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and how it affects the individual as well as friends and family. This is just one of a series Alzheimer’s courses in our Caregiver Program. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s this series will teach you a great deal about the disease and how to help your loved one.

Body Systems and the Aging Process: Understand the aging process, how it affects the person and how the caregiver can help.

Common Chronic Diseases: This course will help you understand common diseases affecting the elderly population, including Alzheimer’s disease, COPD, cancer, CHF, diabetes, Parkinson’s, stroke and more.

Communicating with Others: This course will help you understand how to communicate with a person with memory loss or one who is agitated or difficult.

Handling Difficult Situations & Behaviors: This course provides a foundation for handling a variety of difficult behaviors, including aggressive, disruptive, and repetitive behavior, wandering, Sundowner’s and resistance to care.

Promoting your Family Member’s Independence: Keeping your loved one as independent as possible is a cornerstone of good care.

Tasks of a Caregiver: Learn how your work as a caregiver will help preserve your loved one’s safety and integrity, help with mobility and independence, include you as a vital part of the whole health care team.

Caregiver Job Responsibilities and Protocol: This course will enhance your knowledge on various Caregivers’ Job and Responsibilities.

CARE PLAN and Care Plan Notes and Activities: This course will enlighten you on how to make a comprehensive, individualized Care Plan when caring for the elderly.

Personal Care and Toileting: To develop your skills on how to provide personal and toilet care for the seniors.

Adaptive Equipment for Transfers (Gait Belts and Lifts): This course will enlighten you on how to use various transfer equipment for lifting the elderly.

Basic Hygiene and Basic Infection Control: To develop your skill on various means of preventing infection and maintenance of hygiene for the elderly.

Maintaining a Clean, Safe and Healthy Environment: This course will teach you on how to maintain a clean and safe environment for the elderly.

Basic Personal and Environmental Safety Precautions: This course will teach you on how to identify various Environmental Safety Precautions when caring for the elderly.

Emergency Procedures, Including Basic First Aid and Client’s Emergency Preparedness Plan: To enhance your understanding of Emergency Preparedness Plan for the elderly.

Confidentiality of Client Personal, Financial and Health Information: To enhance your knowledge of managing clients’ confidential details.

Understanding Abuse and Neglect: This course will teach you on how to identify various forms of abuse and neglect in the elderly.

Bonus Section: Stroke Care: This course is a complete series of our Stroke Care for seniors with stroke.

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