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Medical tourism is a form of Health Tourism commonly referring to the travel of people from another country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment in that country.


THE EXCEL MED TRAVEL is Nigeria’s most preferred Medical tourism company. It is one of the fast growing Medical tourism companies in Nigeria with the unique services in medical treatment followed by lucrative travel plan to the most exotic places in India and UAE. Understanding the need of people across Nigeria and beyond, we at THE EXCEL Med Travel, come up to your doorstep with modern age medical treatment and consultation which are scientific, technology based, cost effective, safe and secure in nature. Our vision and agenda is to providing a friendly and last longing interaction ensuring wellness and quality medical care cutting across all the age groups in Nigeria and beyond.

You might have some challenges and a degree of disturbance and confusion while you are seeking medical treatment and care in a new place where you don’t have your relatives or friends, own comfort zone. BUT, guess what!! You don’t have to worry, be fully relaxed, happy and joyous you are fully under the care of THE EXCEL Med Travel. Our friendly and intelligent team is working 24/7 to make you feel at home in our tourist countries: India and UAE. As experienced, skillful, professional medical consultants, our aim is to connect you with the world class hospitals and doctors in India or UAE for the best treatment possible.

India and UAE has been rapidly growing and establishing itself as the modern day medical tourism hub in the world with highly skilled and qualified professionals and state-of-the art hospitals. These countries are widely recognized for their skilled doctors, surgeons and modern cutting edge technology based medical facilities. We have established partnership with top notch hospitals and renowned doctors to help you reach speedy recovery by connecting you to the best possible doctors.

THE EXCEL Med Travel has now established itself as the most innovative, creative and skilled medical tourism company in Nigeria connecting every Nigerians and Africans and meeting their demands and needs of receiving quality medical treatment in India and UAE. We are growing exponentially offering cost effective, technology based, safe and secure medical services to Nigerians and Africans at large. We follow the highest degree of ethics, confidentiality and International norms in patient care. We also partnered with professional tourism companies to fulfill your dream of receiving superb medical care.

Understanding the importance of well-being and quality health, we ensure that we provide world class medical care at affordable prices with the multi-specialty across India and UAE. Our professional team arranges stress-free travel logistics, visa, transportation, surgery, hospitalization and your stay in India and UAE. We assist you from the minute you decide to receive health care in India or UAE through free medical consultancy, medical recuperation, personal assistance, tours and travel and many more unique services.

We boast of charging comparatively low cost expenses for medical treatment (surgeries, check up, implants and many more treatment). Our state-of-the-art hospitals are credited for their unique, mouth blowing and praiseworthy services. With a unique and effective team of qualified and experienced medical staff, surgeons nursing staff, our partner hospital stay beside you throughout your journey to recovery and recuperation. Equipped with modern technologies and advanced surgical equipment, these hospitals provide healthcare, at very affordable prices.

We also ensure your visit to numerous exercise (yoga) clinics and other physical therapy clinics which give you enough time to recover.


We are privileged to have experienced and professional medical doctors of varied degree of specialties in cancer treatment, cardiology surgery, cosmetic surgery, dental therapy, kidney implants, liver implants, orthopedic surgeries, ophthalmology, weight loss treatment and many more. Most of our doctors are trained and educated abroad with various level of countless treatment of all class of individual with different ethnical background.


To be the most reliable medical travel partner for YOU and your LOVED ONES by providing you creative, innovative, modern medical treatment at the very affordable prices.


Every patient deserves high quality cost effective medical care and “your happiness is our source”

  •  Very low cost in compare to the USA and Western countries.
  •  No waiting list.
  • Free medical consultation.
  • The use of state-of-the-art and cutting edge technologies and equipments.
  • Most of our doctors and surgeons have worked abroad with years of experience to cater for your medical need.
  • We provide the best care possible including translator services with dedicated, friendly and professional staff throughout your stay.
  •  Arrangement of your tours across India or UAE.


Our clients are our top priority. We guarantee the following to make our client experience as positive as possible:

Promptness: we guarantee prompt communication and services before, during and after your stay in UAE and India.
Courtesy: we guarantee a courteous attitude throughout all of our service to you. We will treat you with the most utmost respect and kindness, understanding that “a smile goes a long way”.
Service: we guarantee round the clock service while you are in UAE and India. Any time that a need arises, day or night, we will be by your side to assist you.
Quality: we guarantee to optimize our network to seek out the best Doctors and Hospitals for your specific needs.
Affordability: we guarantee to tailor your medical tourism plan specifically to your financial needs, finding the best deals for the best experience.


Trust, Transparency, Safety and Compassion.


THE EXCEL MED TRAVEL is Nigeria’s most preferred medical tourism company. We are one of the fastest growing medical tourism companies in Nigeria with lucrative services in medical treatment.

Our aim is to open the door to Nigerians and Africans at large with high quality treatment in India and UAE. We believe that YOU deserve quality and world class treatment and you shouldn’t be deprived of this.

We focus on making the process easy, save money at every step and as well getting world class treatment.

We provide step by step guidance to our tourist clients travelling to India and UAE so they can avail quality and affordable health care services at state-of-the-art world class hospitals with the cooperation of medical staff of these hospitals.

Our experience has helped us to create an organization like us which understand the needs of patients and their attendants who wish to travel to India or UAE in search of quality and affordable healthcare.

We are well connected with leading players in India and UAE and we help you make a travel plan in no time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information about your treatment in UAE and India.


  • Large pool of doctors
  • Internationally accredited hospitals.
  • Skilled nurses and other medical staff.
  • Comfortable ward and rooms.


  • Over 700,000 doctors
  • Highly skilled, intelligent professionals
  • Possess quality English speaking skills
  • Individualized and holistic care
  • Zero tolerance for mismanagement.
  • Use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Comfort level

  • Suitable and well ventilated wards and rooms.
  • Private rooms.
  • Constant power supply.
  • Suitable media service to help you get information happening across the globe,
  • 100% security.
  • Comfortable recuperating bed.




“We connect you to the most experienced, highly skilled doctors from world class hospitals in India and UAE".

We have a highly skilled, hands-on experienced team of doctors in various specialties. They work tirelessly for our patients 24/7. They are committed to take care of your medical needs through diagnosis, therapy options and many more.

Medical Tourism Doctor Consultation

Medical Tourism Doctor Consultation

An experienced, professional and dynamic team of medical doctors will stand by you throughout your journey to recovery. Doctoout your journey to recovery. Doctors from world class hospitals like GMC Hospital, Fortis and many more will provide clinical services and care beyond par excellence.

Once we receive your query or request, we act immediately by approaching our best suitable doctors for their advice and consultation. On basis of this input, we reach out to our clients in a couple of days and we guide you for the best possible treatment in an affordable cost.

Going on a medical tourism? Call +2347069741720 or contact us online today to learn more about our Doctor Consultation service.


We do not waste time in executing our business for you. With partnership with world class hospitals in India and UAE, we provide our patients complete medical care and care as they require.

Our care is strictly holistic and individualized and we offer 100% attention to every detail on your journey to recovery. Our world class hospitals provide our clients complete individualized, confidential and individualized care.

Individualize care for mmedical tourism

Individualize care for medical tourism

Since we care, we arrange for special facilities for the patient as well as the attendants. We also assure a regular check up on the recuperating patient and provide concrete assistance for disabled patients. We provide guidance and interpretation services for any language barrier and we make your stay an easy and stress-free; hence giving you a second home to make you happy.

Ready to improve your health? Call +2347069741720 or contact us online today to learn more about how our Individualize Care services work.


Our work doesn’t end in patient’s admission. After your treatment in our world class hospitals, we arrange for your recuperation or relaxation at numerous resorts, spas, physio clinics. We provide you tourism to ancient places in India and UAE and make your recuperation a fun period for you.

Med Travel Recovery Case

Med Travel Recovery Case

We give close monitoring of your progress from the day of admission to the day of discharge and travel back to your home country.

Ready to speed up your health recovery? Call +2347069741720 or contact us online today to learn more about our Recovery Case services.



If you can’t go to the hospital, let the hospital come to you!

What is an Air Ambulance?
An air ambulance is an aircraft typically used to provide emergency medical assistance in crisis which is impossible for road ambulances. Air ambulance services are supplied to individuals who require medical aid while travelling.

An air ambulance is a part of the Air charter section that continues to grow and is seen to be as much a needed service rather than just luxury.

Med Travel Air Ambulance Services

Med Travel Air Ambulance Services

Why Opt for an Air Ambulance?
Once we receive your request, we approach our best suitable doctors for their advice and consultations. On basis of this input, we reach out to our clients.

An air ambulance/medical charter services serves as a mini-hospital where a patient can be treated quickly while on the way to the suitable medical center.

The survival chance for patients highly increases if they opt for an air ambulance during their crisis.

An air ambulance will have crews with certain important medical treatments like ventilator, ECG monitoring units, CPR equipment, stretchers and many more as compared to the intensive care unit of hospitals.

A unique emergency service of state-of-the art Med Travel Air ambulance by us.

Simply call +2347069741720 or contact us online today and we will be there to attend to your medical emergency, round the clock, anywhere, and most importantly, in time.


Avail the best of medical care, anytime, and any place, with our special Ground Ambulance services! From hospital emergency rooms (ER) to doctors, nurses and the latest equipments; we have it, in this advanced Ground Ambulance service.

Med Travel Ground Ambulance services

Med Travel Ground Ambulance services

Are you facing a life threathning  health emergency situation? Simply call +2347069741720, and we will be there to attend to your medical emergency, round the clock, anywhere, and most importantly, in time.


Med Travel Visa Application

Med Travel Visa Application


We are committed to offer you best services. We assure medical visa assistance to all our patients. We can issue letter from our hospital you select for your treatment. We and our hospital authority can reach out to the consulate general of Indian in Nigeria and Africa at large.

India has become the most preferred destination in the world for medical tourism. The government of India has introduced medical visa for foreign nationals across the world seeking specialty medical treatment in India for extended periods. A visa-on-arrival system for tourists from few selected countries has been instituted by government of India, which allows foreign nationals to stay in India for 30 days of medical procedure.

Maximum of two attendants who are blood relatives are permissible to accompany the patient under separate Medical Attendant visas, the validity of the Medical Attendant visa will be the same as the patient Medical Attendant Visa. The preliminary duration of medical visa is up to a year of duration of the treatment, whichever is less. The visa allows maximum of 3 entries during 1 year.

Indian Med tourism provides all the essential details about the requirements and conditions to get a medical visa to India.


A medical category visa may be issued with the following conditions:

  • Every medical document is checked by Indian Missions and posts that are placed abroad to confirm whether the request to obtain a medical visa is genuine or not.
  • One may also need to provide satisfactory details to The Missions that they have sought initial medical advice in the country of residence/origin and consequently has got an advice to go for special treatment.
  • One can get a Medical Visa to India only for treatment in reputed and recognized medical centers. Although a medical visa to India is given for a number of treatments but there are prime ones including radio therapy, neuro-surgery, heart treatments, renal disorder, plastic surgery, organ transplant, congenital disorders, plastic surgery and many more.
  • This type of visa should be granted for seeking medical attendance only in reputed/recognized specialized hospitals/treatment centers in the country. Although non-exhaustive, following illustrative list of ailments would be of primary consideration, serious ailments like neuro-surgery, ophthalmic disorders, organ transplantation etc. the basic idea would be that the Mission may satisfy about the need of the foreign national to come to India for medical treatment/health enhancements.


The medical visa is based on certain conditions that are outlined above, but it is required to ensure that people who are immigrating to India are genuinely doing so for the purpose of receiving treatment. Indian Immigration Authorities require the following criteria to be satisfied due to the above mentioned reasons:

  • It should be clear that the initial medical guidance has already been made by the applicant in their own country and they are then recommended to pursue specialist treatment.
  • It should be demonstrated by the applicant that he/she is seeking medical attention only in a recognized institution which specializes in the treatment of the conditions.
  • High priority is given to ‘M’ visa applications in India that are associated with several medical conditions. One serious ailments are given primary considerations such as neuro surgery, heart problems, ophthalmic disorders and organ transplantation.

Validity of Visa and Extension of Visa

The initial period for such a visa may be up to a period of one year or the period of treatment whichever less, which can be extended for a further period up to one year by the State Government/FRROs on the production of medical certificate/advice from the reputed/recognized/specialized hospitals in the country. Any further extension will be granted by the Ministry of Home Affairs only on the recommendations of the State Government/FRROs supported by appropriate Medical documents. Such visa will be valid for maximum of three entries during one year. State Government/FRROs may be permit one additional entry in emergency situation if required.


Foreigners coming on ‘M’ Visa will be required to get themselves registered mandatorily well within the period of 14 days of arrival with the concerned FRROs/FROs.

Visa to Attendant/Family Members

Attendant/family members of the patient coming to India for medical treatment shall be granted miscellaneous visa co-terminus with the ‘M’visa of the patient. Such visa may be granted the spouse/children or those who have blood relations with the patient. However, not more than two attendants may be allowed at a time for grant of miscellaneous visa. Such visa will be called ‘MX visa’. Such foreigners are also required to get themselves registered with the local FRROs/FROs well within 14 days from the date of arrival.

Benefits of Medical Visa

  • A temporary Immigration service is provided by the ‘M’ or Indian Medical visas and they did not make a way for settlement in India.
  • The medical Indian visas only provide entry for a particular purpose of obtaining medical attention.
  • A medical visa in India is granted for up to 1 year unlike Indian visit visa which is granted for maximum of 6 months. The time required to perform the concerned medical treatment determines the duration of a medical visa.
  • The Government of India permits a period only up to 12 months but it can be further extended to 12 months if required. The extension is based only on the recommendation from an appropriate treatment centre or providing a medical certificate.
    if you have any issues as pertaining to medical visa, kindly contact us.

We as well facilitate Dubai Medical Visa; as a new visa regulation has been designed to enable foreign visitors undergoing medical treatment in UAE; for our respected clients who choose UAE as their preferred medical tourism country. We will appreciate your query and request.

Ready for your medical Visa application? Call us on +2347069741720 or contact us online today to learn more about our Visa Application services to India and UAE.


Medical Tourism Travel Organization

Medical Tourism Travel Organization

Our patients serve as our Kings and Queens and we accord them lucrative services. While in India or UAE, right from the point of receiving you at the airport, to biding you farewell from India or UAE and receiving you back in Nigeria, we assure you of meeting all your needs.

Right from your travel plan to your accommodation and transportation, we look after all.

Also, we offer hotel reservations in good prices, personal car with driver services, 24/7 hours call centres services for your entire request, interpreter services, and complete admission formalities in the Hospital.

We offer numerous enhancing packages in some of the exotic locations of India and UAE.

Simply tell us of your need, and we are ready and prepared to meet all. We assist you with quick, precise and accurate itinerary map out throughout your stay in India and UAE.

Ready to organize your medical tourism? Call +2347069741720 or contact us online today to learn more about our Travel Organization services.


Medical Tourism Flight Booking

Medical Tourism Flight Booking

Visiting India and UAE as a medical tourist is a win-win schedule. Apart from availing yourself of the state-of-art medical facilities in India and UAE at an affordable rate in comparison to several other countries, you can also explore several tourist destinations.

We help you book your flight to India or UAE. We have a superb relationship with both domestic and International airlines and thus get your flight booked for India or UAE.

We offer you a variety of flight options for those planning to enjoy vacation in India or UAE and also benefit from the exceptional and cost effective medical care.

We also offer you airport transfer services to ensure none of your needs are left unattended to.

Ready to organize your medical tourism? Call +2347069741720 or contact us online today to learn more about our Flight Booking services.


Medical Tourism Hotel Booking

Medical Tourism Hotel Booking

We help you with a favorable stay in India and UAE. We ensure everything you need to keep in mind while booking a hotel for medical treatment is handled by us; so you need not to worry. We ensure the hotel also has medical facilities to aid your care, hygienic surroundings and serves good and healthy services.

We have a list of hotels or you to book from at an affordable price. You have an option of guest houses, well furnished apartments, different star category hotels including 7-star, 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star as well as economy hotels.

Depending on your requirement, budget and preference, we can easily book a hotel fo you. You need not worry, send your query to us and we will be glad to assist you.

Ready to organize your medical tourism? Call +2347069741720 or contact us online today to learn more about our Hotel Booking services.


As our aim of giving you quality medical care, we offer you cheap and affordable home care on return from our world class hospitals. You need not to worry; we will assign you necessary home health care to enhance your recuperation and boost your quality health which has been initiated. We also ensure we keep your family in Nigeria posted about your medical care in Nigeria. Kindly visit our Home Health Care page for more information.



  • Once we receive your request for medical treatment, we get back to you with ht various options available for that procedure in India and UAE;
  • After the process initiation, medical reports and prescriptions of the patient are requested which are sent to various hospitals in India and UAE for expert review;
  • We forward to you opinions and recommendations of the various super specialists along with the approximate cost and likely duration of stay required for treatment in India or UAE;
  • The patient reviews the recommendation sent and select the hospital for the treatment;
  • We assist with Visa procurement, flight reservation, travel logistics prior leaving Nigeria;
  • Our representatives will receive you at the airport in India or UAE and facilitate your consultation with medical experts. You can survey the medical facilities available in the hospital;
  • We ensure every medical formalities, accommodation, transportation are all met; you need not worry:
  • We offer you city tour, and every tourism package you are interested in.
  • After discharge, we facilitate your return to Nigeria; we wait to receive you at the airport, accompany you home, provide you our home care options and continue your care.

Isn’t this interesting to hear, feel free to contact us now, we await your request.


Below is a list of common procedures facilitated by us. If your procedure is not listed, please feel free to contact us.


  • Coronary angiography
  • Coronary angioplasty
  • Coronary artery bypass
  • Surgery
  • Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
  • Vascular surgery
  • Heart valve replacement
  • Cardiac diagnostic services


  • Blepharoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Facelift surgery
  • Forehead lift surgery
  • Breast Augmentation Surgery
  • Breast Reduction Surgery
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Chin implant surgery
  • Cosmetic laser surgery
  • Vaser procedure
  • Surgical hair transplant
  • Plastic cosmetic surgery


  • Kidney transplant
  • Liver transplant
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Corneal transplant
  • Heart transplant


  • Gall bladder Surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Cirrhosis
  • Hernia


  • Gastric Banding
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Laparascopic Sleeve Gastrectomy


  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Foot and ankle surgery
  • Hand wrist surgery
  • Shoulder surgery
  • Arthroscopic surgery
  • Cervical surgery
  • Bunion surgery
  • Illizarov Technique


  • Cervical cancer
  • Lymphoma cancer
  • Retinoblastoma
  • Bone cancer/ bone tumor
  • Skin cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Uterine cancer
  • Brachytherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Neuro-oncology
  • Novalis
  • Cyberknife
  • PET Scan
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Medical oncology
  • Radiation oncology
  • Eye cancer


  • Stapedotomy
  • Tympanoplasty
  • Ossiculoplasty
  • Cochlear Implant
  • Laryngectomy
  • Thyroplasty
  • Neck block dissection
  • Micro Laryngeal surgery
  • Nasal surgery
  • Sinus surgery
  • Myringotomy
  • Nasal polyps
  • Septoplasty
  • Turbinates of Nose- Resection Tonsillectomy


  • Neuro surgery
  • Neurology
  • Headache treatments
  • Epilepsy treatment
  • Brain surgery treatment
  • Spinal fusion, Decompression and Anthroplasty
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Herniated Disc Surgery
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Intracranial Aneurysm Surgery
  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Surgery
  • Spinal Bifida
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Spinal cord Injury Treatment
  • Carotid Artery Disease
  • Stroke
  • Pediatric Neuro-suregery
  • Spinal tumor surgery
  • Aneurysm treatment
  • Micro disectomy
  • Spinal Laminectomy


  • Endoscopic Surgery
  • OIU ( Optical Internal Urethrotomy)
  • BNI ( Bladder Neck Incision)
  • Endopyelotomy
  • Radical Nephrectomy
  • Radical Prostatectomy
  • Partial Penectomy
  • Prostate Biopsy
  • Bladder Biopsy
  • Vasectomy
  • Neprology
  • Cholecystectomy
  • Renal failure
  • Cystoscopy
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Amyloidosis


  • Root canal treatment
  • Apicoectomy
  • Periodontal flap surgery
  • Bone grafting surgery
  • Dental implant.
  • Reconstructive dentistry.
  • Cosmetic smile designing
  • Laser dentistry
  • Peadiatric dentistry
  • Maxillofacial surgery.


  • Eye surgery
  • Laser Eye Surgery
  • LASIK Laser Eye Surgery
  • Vision correction
  • Pediatric ophthalmology
  • Cataract surgery
  • Refractive corneal surgery
  • Glaucoma
  • Cosmetic eye surgery
  • Eye cancer
  • Neuro Phthalmology
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Dry Eye Treatment
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Age Related Macular Degeneration
  • Refractive surgery
  • Vitrectomy
  • Uveitis
  • Corneal transplant


  • Robotic Surgery
  • Telemedicine


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