Alberta, Canada.

I contacted this Agency when i needed to get admission for a post graduate diploma in Critical Care Nursing in Canada. From the first day i contacted them, they kept encouraging me to focus on my dream and make it a reality, followed up on my request. They requested for necessary supporting documents which i sent. My admission letter was gotten with 5 weeks of the admission processing. What baffled me was that they kept on updating me about the whole process till i got the admission letter. I proceeded to apply for my study permit which they also guided me on necessary supporting documents for the visa processing. This Nursing Agency is the best mehnn, Felix and his Team, i salute you. I recommend them to anyone interested in studying at cheapest school in Canada, USA and even tuition-free universities. They will assist you get institutions where you don't have to pay tuition fee from Nigeria, cheaper accommodation provinces/states, airport pick up service and settling down in your chosen institution. They even assisted me get one supporting document needed for my visa facilitation. Thank you Felix for making my dream come true. In case you need his mobile contact: +234(0)7069741720, +234(0)8077578375.


I contacted this Agency when I heard they organize Medical tourism. I had acid burn all over my face which really disfigured me but I had challenges on how to receive expertise care. A friend gave me the handbill of this agency containing “THE EXCEL MED TRAVEL”. They organized my care in a standard Hospital in UAE at a very cheap cost. After two (2) weeks of receiving health care in their tourist Hospital, they received me at the airport and even provided me a Nurse for proper follow up. They ensured every service I needed was rendered politely, courteously and professionally. I am now the handsome guy I was. I recommend this Agency to anyone in need of Medical Care abroad. They are indeed a standard Medical Tourism Facilitator.

Mr. S. Monday

Chai, wetin I wan talk, I am really speechless at what this Agency did to my unconscious dying mother. I contacted them when my mother was discharged from the Hospital in an unconscious state after we had lost all hope on her. Our family needed a Nurse to help us care for her to have a peaceful death; but surprisingly to us; the Nurse they posted to us will always start with prayer from the Holy Bible and always reassure us that “God will heal mama through their Agency”. We believed the Nurse. One fateful day, while the nurse was giving mama oral care, mama sneezed and lo and behold, our mother is now conscious. We nicknamed them “Gilead Balm Nursing Hand”. I recommend this Agency to everybody in the World that this Agency will help your dying aged come back to life if you can believe them.

Mrs A. Iyenoma

Benin City, Edo State

I was directed to this Agency by the General Manger of the Hospital I was receiving health care in Benin City. On contacting them, their Executive Director came to me and spoke with me politely promising to render me superb Wound care for my Hip replacement surgery I had. I was really surprised at the dexterous skills shown by the Exec. Director and which I nicknamed him “My Healing Angel”. He would always smile with me, very simple and highly knowledgeable. I recommend this Agency to any one in Nigeria in need of someone to care for him/her at Home.

Mr. Emma

Kwale, Delta State

On my discharge from my Hospital where I was receiving orthopedics care, I had issues of getting qualified Nurses who will help dress my wound. Someone recommended THE EXCEL NURSING AGENCY to me; I contacted them and they agreed on offering me quality wound care. I was initially discouraged at first seeing how young the Directors of the Agency are thinking they couldn’t offer me quality care when we spoke; but to my amazement, the CEO of the Agency himself decided to take charge of my care and not give to his workers to engage in. In two (2) weeks, my wound was completely healed. He gave concise and simple measures to aid the wound healing and showed his dexterous skills when dressing my wound. They are indeed a blessing to me.

Mrs. P. Ogunsola

Benin City, Edo State

My mum has been having some heath challenges which I have sought after getting a Nurse to cater for her; on hearing about THE EXCEL NURSING AGENCY, I quickly contacted them knowing that my challenge of getting a Nurse for my mum has been solved. Since when they have started caring for my mum, a lot of improvement has taken place in her and she commends positively about the Nurses who care for her. She is no longer lonely and I am happy I met this Agency. Their CEO is a quite funny, friendly and humble young man. I can boldly recommend them to other interested clients.

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