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Our staff strength is increasing in numbers. Recruitment is a continuous exercise for us due to our growing number of clientele.

Registered Nurses

They are of different specialties and are trained to work closely with the company’s physician to control symptoms, relieve pain and provide direct care, instruction and support.

Nursing Assistant

They provide non-medical care under supervision of our Registered Nurses which include meal preparation, dispose of used materials, house hold chores assistance, activities of daily living such as personal grooming, bathing, toileting et al.

Therapists & Psychologists

Pain therapists are medical doctors and nurses who are specially trained to manage pain while Clinical Psychologists are skilled professionals who manage clients with psychological problems.

Dieticians & Clergy

Dieticians are trained professionals who provide regular advice and prescription of the best kind of nutrition for clients for optimal care while the Clergy provide pre and post bereavement spiritual care.

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