Our Story

THE EXCEL NURSING AGENCY was conceived by Felix O. Bomide in May 31, 2014 in his bedroom, Lagos, Nigeria after looking at how the aged are been mishandled at the point of receiving health care. He decided to write his vision and mission statement for establishing an Home Health Care Agency that will solely cater for care of our Aged in the comfort of their Home. He initially bore the name “Accomplish Nursing Agency”, while he understood that “the vision was yet for an appointed time”, he continued his fervency of caring for clients at Home by working with a privately owned Agency in Lagos.

We commenced operation April 8, 2015 and since that time till now, we have been blazing the trail in rendering Quality care (health and social) for all classes of people, enhancing their care in superlative and specialists Hospital in India and UAE, assisting Health care professionals get their license to practice in the country of their choice and many more services we render to promote Health care in Nigeria and beyond.

We still remain true to our ethos on which the company was founded; namely, focus on providing Quality Assurance Health Care.


THE EXCEL NURSING AGENCY is private and independent nursing agency in Nigeria. It was established by qualified health professionals. We are fully engaged in coordinating Quality Health Care Deliveries for clients in Nigeria and beyond. We provide services that help in synergizing Health Care deliveries between all tiers of health care Institutions in Nigeria and the World at large.

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